Forgotten Corners of Lovecraft Country Vol 1

Zounds, two posts in a month?!

Indeed, for I am now able to announce one of my works in progress – Forgotten Corners of Lovecraft Country Volume 1; Aylesbury and Dean’s Corner, from Miskatonic River Press. The esteemed Dan Harms (The Encyclopedia of the Cthulhu Mythos) and prolific Oscar Rios (The Legacy of Arrius Lurco) have each tackled the eponymous two locales, giving them the same sort of detailed treatment of the original Lovecraft Country books edited by the late Keith Herber. Most of my work was done for Dan, doing some local research (trolleybusses!) and giving feedback but I have written the regional notes for the book and, fingers crossed, will have one of the scenarios. Having read the manuscript, I’m happy to say the book follows on in the grand tradition of the original Lovecraft Country series, presenting a compelling new location for Cthulhu gaming, loaded compelling scenario hooks, intriguing NPCs, and of course Lovecraftian horror.

See the Miskatonic River Press site for the official announcement.