Look, another Kickstarter

A host of CoC titles using Columbus... I own all but three of those books...

What ho, all.  Not much to report recently, on the writing front, though I have been chipping away at a post about my influences and another on my approach to actual TOMES in CoC, though neither are ready for the light of day quite yet.

I wanted to post a short note about yet another Kickstarter fundraising project, this time Tom Phinney has announced his plans to revive the type face Columbus aka the Call of Cthulhu title font.  Yes, this is a fundraiser to make a font.  I love that old thing and would be happy to have a new improved version available.  If you share my interest, check out Tom’s Kickstarter.

I can happily report both earlier discussed projects have reached their funding requirements (and by reached I mean doubled, tripled, and quadrupled them), so it looks like there is some money floating around for quality books.

Hopefully I’ll have a content-heavy post soon.


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