Views and reviews

Hey, I’ve had my 3000th page view.  Yippee!  Thank you Chinese spam sites, graveyard junkies, Cthulhu fans, and one guy in Albania.

In other news, there have been some positive reviews of my article “Saucer Attack 1928: The Dunwich ‘Horror'”:

My favorite is “Saucer Attack 1928!” which ties the events of The Dunwich Horror to the UFO craze. – Ed Grabianowski, Robot Viking


“Saucer Attack 1928! The Dunwich ‘Horror’” is… a very funny idea for a book that definitely is outside the box… I’m not sure I’d ever use it (I rarely play in or run modern era games of COC. Delta Green though…). Still this is exactly what COC needs after thirty-one years: things that stay true to the old conventions while giving them a new twist rather than relying on the clichéd trappings.  – Alex Lucard (is that an anagram?) at Diehard Gamefan

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