Novos Akros: an indirect tribute to Tom Moldvay

A couple of years back, whilst browsing the stacks at my local hobby shop (such things still exist), I spotted two copies of Omegakron, a module for Lords of Creation.  After nabbing one for myself, I elected to pick up the other for my friends Juniper and Dave.  They own Square Records in Akron, Ohio, the area’s premiere purveyor of vinyl, used CDs, and cool ephemera.  I figured, though they were not gamers, since they lived in Akron they might find it amusing and could add it to their collection of weird decorations that adorn their shop.

Apparently they did find it amusing, or at least inspirational… apparently this spring they released an in-store exclusive Novos Akros a faux soundtrack to a (made up) movie based on the module.  (See here for its “backstory”.)  Living under  a rock, I remained unaware of the release until last week when they sent me a link to the soundtrack.  While I’m not a huge electronica fan, I’m pretty thrilled to discover that my weird gift inspired people to make art.  I don’t know of any RPG material, save for some of Alex Otterlei‘s work for CoC, that has inspired music.  Here’s to Akron, Ohio (with or without atomic monsters) and Tom Moldvay’s love of it.

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