Geodesic domes, yo

A few quick bits to report, as despite the tsunami of political ads here in the US, there are other things going on in the world… of gaming!

Both the Miskatonic University and Yog-Sothoth podcasts (see links on the right) have been updated recently… And rumors of a new Unspeakable Oath episodes swirl. I guess Hecubus had a word with Shane Ivey?

I’ve also updated the 2012 Lovecraftian RPG release schedule to include a Deep Morgue, a PDF only scenario from new licensee Solace Games.

Finally, to my reader(s) in the U.S., please vote on Tuesday. I don’t get into politics here at TiP so I won’t tell you who to vote for (Hint, the one whose name doesn’t rhyme with Spit Omni) but I do encourage you to view this important message:

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