Central de Maquinaria Jarkov-37

Yo soy en Espanol!

The good folks at 314 Games, the Spanish-language publisher of Call of Cthulhu games, contacted me a while back about publishing a Spanish-language version of my monograph Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37.  I’m happy to announce that they’ve just released both a PDF and print version.

For the curious (and Spanish speaking), the gang at 314 took the raw text of the monograph and revised and expanded it with only a little input on my part (since sadly my Spanish is limited to asking directions to the library).  I’d love to put together a revised and expanded version in English at some point (and had been working on that before the Masks Companion completely ground to a halt…)

I hope CoC gamers in the Hispanophone world will enjoy my nightmarish foray into Soviet horror.  My thanks to Enrique and 314 Games for taking an interest in my little scenario.

One comment on “Central de Maquinaria Jarkov-37

  1. zachery H says:

    Why has the Masks Companion ground to a halt !? What fiends could be behind this!?

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