Memories of the Orient Express part 2: Strangeness on a Train

When my Junior year of college began I discovered that a number of my residents were gamers; one had even worked on the English translation of the Swedish horror game ‘Kult‘. While I had run a Star Wars campaign the previous year (much to my delight) I had never run a Call of Cthulhu game before, let alone a campaign. Nevertheless, I’d had the baleful eye of Nyarlathotep-in-train-form staring down from my shelf for two years. Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to run Horror on the Orient Express.

We had four or five players, as I recall (and I should add, my memories of the game are in places rather hazy, it has been almost twenty year) and we played roughly once per week for about twenty sessions, wrapping up in the Spring just before finals. While I can’t remember ever character or session, a few points have remained with me (and here be many spoilers): Continue reading