London teasers, gravestone news, etc.

A few odds and ends have been piling up here at Tomes in Progress central- lets clear out the inbox, shall we?

The London Boxed Set cover?

Stuart Boon at Cubicle 7 has been dropping ‘hints’ of a less-than-subtle nature that a kickstarter for the long-awaited London Boxed set is close at hand.  This is a mockup of the cover.  Awesome.

Time to start setting aside a few pence so I can afford whatever deluxe edition they offer.  A pre-bloodied tube map?  A pass for the reading room at the British Museum?  A genuine brass hackney medal?  The mind boggles and the wallet cowers in fear.

I’ve done a little research regarding the subject of the gravestone photo I posted recently.  I can’t wholly confirm it, but it seems likely that it was the footstone for one James Hayward, killed in a duel just after the Battle of Concord on April 19, 1775.  Oh, that little dust-up…  His remains were moved to Acton center and buried at the monument there.  Nifty.

I’ve also updated my RPG CV, updated the list of 2013 Lovecraftian RPGs, and added some entries to the Yog Wiki about privately published CoC books.  Next time, I hope to have more to say about my playthrough of Horror on the Orient Express.