Stolen beasts, Misk. U. podcasts, and Necronomicon

That will teach me to post something.

More news:

  • There’s been a post on YSDC that someone been selling an art book using images stolen from Yog-Blogsoth, whose site I’ve mentioned previously.  There are few things worse that having someone steal your work, save perhaps having someone profit from your stolen work.  See here for more details.
  • There have been a few new podcast episodes so I’m sure I’ve missed a few… nevertheless the Miskatonic University Podcast gang have put out a few episodes this month that are worth a listen – April 1 & April 14 episodes.
  • I’ve been at work on the Arkham Gazette (and my submissions to the Unspeakable Oath… and another project…) and hope to have the demo issue done in a month or two.  If that is well received, I’ll try to have another issue ready by Necronomicon (August 22-25)…
  • Speaking of Necronomicon, I shall indeed be there (baring asteroid impact or ailing homunculus).  Hopefully they’ll have a schedule available before too long so that I might plan my adventures efficiently.  Anyone else going?


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