Graveyard visits: Marlborough MA

Old Common Cemetery, Marlborough

A couple of weeks back I had some free time whilst the Homunculus was otherwise engaged to check the remaining graveyards of Marlborough off my list.  I had already seen Marlborough’s oldest cemetery, Spring Hill (click for that visit).

Here’s a map of the graveyards of Middlesex County-

Brigham Street Cemetery (1793)

Abutting the later Immaculate Conception and St Mary’s Cemeteries, this lot is accessible via a pathway from a footpath off West Main (aka Route 20), but I found parking easier on Crescent Street, then crossing through the other cemeteries.  I could not locate any stones dated before 1800 other than a stone listing six children including one death date being given as 1794.  Otherwise the earliest stone I could locate was 1802.  The oldest stones were all slates with the usual willow and urn design.  Overall it is an interesting looking cemetery with multiple crypts and a nice view of the valley, but holds little of interest for the seekers of old gravestones.

Wilson Street Cemetery (1764)

Also a small cemetery abutting a larger, newer burial ground (in this case Evergreen Cemetery) the Wilson Street Cemetery has a smattering of older stones, mostly slates with soul effigies (i.e. winged heads) and a few unlettered field stones.  The stones were in generally good condition with a bit of lawnmower scratching.  The storage garage backdrop was something less than somber…

Old Common Cemetery (1706)

I’ve briefly checked this yard out before (a 30 second walk through a few years back) and I barely began to explore when a rain shower cut my visit short.  This lot is just behind the old Marlborough High School (now a VA office I think); conveniently across the street is the Tropical Cafe, a old diner now serving Brazilian food.  This is a large yard with numerous old stones (soul effigies and some winged skulls) in good condition, though the regular rows suggest they stones have been moved; there are no foot stones either which supports this theory.  Sorry for any blurry shots, I was trying to take a few pictures before the rain started.


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