Graveyard visit: Dwinnel Cemetery (Millbury)

2013-05-14 11.47.00While the weather remains overcast, I decided it was time to visit another small cemetery in the area, this time Dwinnel (sometimes Dwinell) Cemetery in Millbury.

Quick run-down; established c. 1741 in when Millbury was the north parish of Sutton as the area’s first burying ground.  At the time it was on the main road between Millbury and Auburn, but today it is on a dead-end road bracketed by suburban houses.  The grounds are mowed and relatively clean; the stones are in generally good shape (with a few broken) but lichen is very common.  There were very few foot stones, something suggesting they’ve been removed.

Here is the MACRIS entry (click on the INV button for the PDF file), the Findagrave listing, and lastly a list of everyone interred here.

Interesting stones include a few from William Young, two winged skulls, and some very late field stones.


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