A double dose of Golden Goblins and an Actual Play for one of my scenarios

With but seven days to go on the Kickstarter for Island of Ignorance, Golden Goblin Press’ Oscar Rios has hit the podcasting circuit, giving interviews for the Miskatonic University Podcast and the Goblin Beat. If you have had any questions, it is pretty likely that Oscar answers it in either one of these interviews. Check ’em out. They are only about $1000 from adding a fourth scenario (in this case one from Jeff Moeller); if you’ve been on the fence about contributing, jump in .

The crew at the Miskatonic University Podcast have posted an actual play of my Shotgun Scenario “Last Things Last”. Yeah, I was a little surprised how that went… now that was some bad dice rolling guys. Nevertheless, it is always interesting to hear how something I wrote translate from the page to the table.