Graveyard visit: Auburn Center Cemetery

Having some free time, I paid a visit to Auburn Cemetery (aka Auburn Center Burial Ground) in Auburn, MA.  Established in 1777 it is the second oldest burial site in Auburn (after the Cudworth Family Burial Ground c. 1750; that graveyard has only a 20th century marker however).  There are a nice collection of stones created by William Young as well as an unusual portrait stone by James New.

Unfortunately, I arrived while a grounds crew from the city of Auburn was mowing the grass and cleaning the grounds so, even when I wasn’t in their way, many of the stones were coated in grass clippings.  Combined with intermittent rainfall coloring the stones meant that the quality of the photos is not very good.  There are more stones of interest to photograph but it just wasn’t to be, today at least.

I did have a lovely chat with the director of the grounds crew about the cemetery and his hope to find funding to have some repair work done.  They do have a grant to repair their Civil War monument in Hillside Cemetery, so perhaps there is hope?  I always like to see a cemetery that is well-kept (and to thank the people who care for them).

Findagrave listing

Faber Gravestone database

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