New Orleans, 7th Ed. CoC, Island of Ignorance, and more

Today’s the final day for Golden Goblin Press’ Island of Ignorance’s Kickstarter.  As of this posting, they’re at about $12,750, so well above their goal, but short by about $1000 to add a fifth scenario.  Looking forward to seeing how I do in the voting for the bonus scenario.

The Grunch, apparently

There have been two new episodes of the Miskatonic University Podcast.  The first is a regular episode, this time the subject is an interview with one of their regular readers NewOrleansMythos (Matt), who talks about his New Orleans centered campaign and how he ties local history into his game.   Check it out and learn about the Grunch, among other things.

The MUP crew also posted a 30 minute interview with Mike Mason and Paul Fricker previewing the soon-to-be-launched Kickstarter for the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu rules.  There are a lot of details about not only the Kickstarter to come, but about the contents of the 7th Edition book as well.  Two new scenarios, eh?

(Lo and behold, it looks like the Kickstarter has begun.  LINK.)

Lastly the Gaming Grunts have been posting new episodes of their playthrough of Realm of Shadows.  Have a listen.

One comment on “New Orleans, 7th Ed. CoC, Island of Ignorance, and more

  1. Conrad Kinch says:

    The 7th ed Kickstarter is a curious one. No stretch goals that I can see.

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