Graveyard visit: Fairbank Cemetery, Sterling

I’ve been meaning to post for quite a while, with new podcasts, Kickstarters, and of course the Arkham Gazette all requiring some comment.  Unfortunately time is at a premium so I will have to confine myself just to posting some pictures and hope I finish playing catch up on other projects soon.

Today’s featured graveyard is the Fairbank Cemetery (sometimes listed as Fairbanks) aka Faribank Burial Ground or Fairbank(s) Family Plot, etc. in Sterling, Mass.  This is a family plot and a smallpox cemetery, meaning that the burials here are all from a single family and the burials were necessitated by the fact that the main burying ground in Sterling (Chocksett Cemetery) refused to take any remains from those who died from that rather contagious disease.  There are a goodly number of these in New England, some as small as a single grave.

The Fairbank Cemetery (Findagrave listing) is on Chase Hill Road in Sterling MA, conveniently close to Rota Spring Farm‘s delicious ice cream.  It isn’t a large yard (only a dozen stones) but has a few nice specimens.  Unfortunately at least one stone (Thomas’) has been vandalized in the past few years since when I saw it it was face down and broken at the base.  Click on the Findagrave listing above to see the intact stone.  There are a few James New stones (my best guess) and one winged skull.  Even the willow-and-urn stones are nicely made.