Graveyard visit – Bradish Cemetery

With outside temperatures no longer conducive to the baking of bread, I figured I should continue my graveyard adventures.  Hoping to make multiple stops, I hied myself to Upton, Mass, a picturesque community in Southeastern Worcester County.

My first destination was Bradish Cemetery (aka Old North Cemetery), established 1771. (Findagrave listing; Macris Listing – click on INV to see record)

Unfortunately I arrived just as a rainstorm began so I had to dash from stone to stone, leading to some less-than-optimal photos.  Sorry about that.

It is a rather lovely and peaceful spot, set just off of Westboro Road, a few yards north of where it intersects North Street.  Parking is limited to a narrow strip off the road next to a few stones set to prevent further off-road driving.  As for the stones, there are a few soul effigies, mostly from James New and a goodly number of (unmarked) field stones.

(Next up, Upton’s Old Burying Ground)

2 comments on “Graveyard visit – Bradish Cemetery

  1. thank you; I was born in Upton and have frequently been by that cemetery but I knew very little about it.

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