Podcast mania

I’ve been busy with a variety of matters, from working on the Arkham Gazette, to finishing up some other gaming writing, and (most often) familial business.  Most recently the homunculus has been down with a bug (of the microscopic variety; no Shans thankfully).  And so, ToP has been on a bit of hiatus, especially as I’d like to wrap up my comments about NecronomiCon and have been putting off posting until I get that done.  Anyone who can institute a 25 hour day is welcome to try.

Since I don’t want to have to post a gargantuan catch-up post, I thought I might break down the various news items since my last post by topic.  Today, let’s look at podcasts…

The gang at the Miskatonic University Podcast have released two episodes-

#38: Con-Madness (a recap of their experience at GenCon and NecronomiCon, including some overgenerous praise of my historical research)

#39: San(ity) Restoring Sea-Voyages (focusing on ‘down-time’ in longer campaigns)

YSDC’s Silver Lodge release a public show all about NecronomiCon as well.

The gleefully British trio the Good Friends of Jackson Elias have been busy as well, with new episodes about GenCon, the Mythos as Corruption, and Insanity.

I also have been listening to Ken and Robin Talk about Stuff and found episode #56 (“Oh, My Pancreas”) and its discussion of keeping up a regular writing schedule to be of particular use.


A quick note

Has it been a week since I last posted?  Yikes!  I’ll wrap up my NecronomiCon notes soon with a bonus NecronomiCon post soon after.  (And oh my, I realize I never finished my Horror on the Orient Express discussion… better wrap that up…)

Sorry for the long delay.

NecronomiCon 2013; a few thoughts (part 3)

Where was I? (Part 1, Part 2)

Philatelists of the World, Unite!

Ah yes…  After listening in on the end of Adam Scott Glancy’s game, I took the opportunity to introduce myself and we spent a few moments chatting.  He filled me in on the near-future plans for Pagan and Delta Green, including plans to split the WWI book up into two parts and to fund it with a Kickstarter, the status of the stand alone Delta Green game, the minutia of Zeppelin warfare and the Far Eastern Republic.  Sadly our conversation had to end after a short while as he had places to be, like so many at NecronomiCon.  It is pretty hard to beat having one of the creators of Delta Green tell you that he really likes your scenarios.

I then joined in (with Keeper Murph of the Misk. U. Podcast) in a fun game of Feed the Shoggoth, a card game which ‘Badger’ McInnes (his credits, his blog) has been developing.  I’m not much of a card game guy, but I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly I learned the rules and how much fun we had in our short game.  I don’t know if my impression was skewed by winning the game, but I do know that I’m looking forward to when he launches his Kickstarter so I can order myself a copy.

Since time has gotten away from me and it is over a week since these events passed, I  don’t clearly recall what I did next.  I think I popped back over the Biltmore briefly before I settled back in at the Providence to prep for my game that evening.  I do know that I shouldn’t have skipped dinner.  As six approached (the start time for my game) I was in a bit of a worry as the ballroom I was scheduled to run Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37 had been reassigned to the good lads at HPPodcraft for their live show (which is sad since I’d backed the Kickstarter but couldn’t go due to being double-booked).  After some questioning of the Minions (the Con kind, not the yellow cross-promotional toy kind) I determined my game had been moved upstairs instead.

Good old Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37.  So many dead Soviets… but I’ll save that for next time.

Non-NecronomiCon news (updated)

(Let me try this one again… sadly a laptop crash ate my first attempt to post this.)

Whilst I collect my thoughts about the last half of Saturday and Sunday at NecronomiCon, I thought I might update other doings in the world of Lovecraftian gaming otherwise unrelated to the recent madness in Providence…

  1. The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man has been released.
  2. The Unspeakable Oath won a Silver Ennie at GenCon.  Awesome.
  3. Other Lovecraftian winners include Modiphius Games and Pelgrane Press.
  4. The audio of the Delta Green panel discussion at GenCon is now available.
  5. There has been a new episode of The Good Friends of Jackson Elias.
  6. On that note, Chaosium has announced that Mike Mason will become their Call of Cthulhu line editor.
  7. The Kickstarter for Raider of R’lyeh has begun.  I’m in; it sounded interesting and I’ll jump at any new material from Kevin Ross (he’s doing a supplement about occultists in the Arkham area!)

I’m sure there is more but I hesitate to not post this post-haste and have it swallowed by the ether.