New Islands and Journalists vs. the Shan

Surtsey, rising from the Atlantic

Oh how the time flies, bat-like, ever forward. Let’s catch up a bit on the news-front:

  1. Golden Goblin Press have released the PDF for Island of Ignorance, with the book being sent off to the printer.  Well done Goblin Horde, you’re the first Kickstarter I’ve joined that released the product done on time.  I’ve had a chance to skim the book and it looks very good.  I look forward to reading it… eventually.  (I’ve got a stack by the bed that I need to finish for the Arkham Gazette.)
  2. Solace Games released Fungi Mine, a modern scenario for Call of Cthulhu.  I’ve not read it, but I note that they’ve hired Matthew Pook to proof-read it, suggesting an improvement of quality over their first book.
  3. There have been new episodes of the Miskatonic University Podcast and a pair from the Good Friends of Jackson Elias (Episodes 12 and 13).  I’ve only had a chance to listen to MUP’s latest, which includes a very interesting survey of the state of journalism in the 1920s, touching on topics like the centrality of newspapers, the importance of editors, the nature of radio reporting (i.e. reading the newspaper on the air), etc; definitely worth a listen.

More later.

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