London Boxed Set news, a Kickstarter, and the Good Friends keep busy

As always seems to happen, just as soon as I post an update, yet another podcast appears.  In this case it was the rather prolific Good Friends of Jackson Elias, who talk this time about how to emulate various horror genres at the table, both mechanically and by GM action.  It is a pretty thorough rundown though I wish they’d talked about the Blood Brothers series from Chaosium since, though dated, that pair of books does a great job of capturing all sorts of horror types (albeit cinematic variations) within the Call of Cthulhu rules, from Hammer Film to Black and White expressionism, with zombies, beach-party hating monsters, and midget Nazi shaman for good measure.

On a personal note, I’ve been cleared by the editor of the London Boxed Set to reveal that I will have a scenario in the scenario book (aka book 3) for the set.  I don’t want to say more than that at this point, in part because I have yet to submit a finished draft of the scenario to Cubicle 7.  If you run into me or spot me on line and I don’t seem to be working on getting that done, give me a kick.  I have already turned in another short piece for the project, what I will for now only describe as a tool for Keepers.  No, not a corkscrew.

I am very honored to be a small part of this enormous project.  I ran a year-long campaign set in 1920s London more than a decade ago and it was enormous fun.  This London guide has been a project I have long hoped for and to be a part of it, even in a small way, is a tremendous honor… err… honour.

Lastly, my friend Matt Madigan has launched his own Kickstarter to publish his first novel “Her Name is Violence”, which he describes as ‘Hard Boiled Noir’.  He’s got a week to go and has already made his initial funding goal but would really like to hit a few more stretch goals. If you like mystery fiction or Noir, give it a look.


Random Encounter – 1d3 podcasts

We’ve got a couple of new blog episodes and some other minor bits to note:


(Confidential to {Kidney Disease Symptoms} When you said “Person.. I am not a lot into studying, but by some means I got to learn lots of content on your blog. Its wonderful how fascinating it is that i can visit a person very often. –” I had a few thoughts:

  • People respond to personal greetings, not being called ‘person’.
  • Your first sentence is awkward – try “I don’t enjoy studying but I did learn something from your blog.”
  • Try “I plan to visit your blog often.” for sentence #2.
  • If you’re going to randomly pick a name for your fake account ‘Kidney Disease Symptoms’ kinda sucks.

I hope that helps.)

Another Kickstarter: the Call of Catthulhu

As Cubicle 7’s London Boxed set’s Kickstarter rockets skyward, I wanted to mention another crowd-funding project running at present…

Whilst at NecronomiCon is had the pleasure of picking up an early version of the Call of Catthulhu.  It was an amusing game and I’m glad I picked it up.  Now (well, two weeks ago but my attention has been elsewhere) they launched a Kickstarter for a deluxe edition of the game.  It’s already reached and exceeded its initial goal, which is lovely.  If you want to fight the Mythos as a cat (and now as a dog as well thanks to a stretch goal), check it out.

(In case you wondered, this has nothing to do with the Call of Cathulhu (note the single ‘t’), as appeared in Worlds of Cthulhu and to eventually be released by Sixtystone Press, though they both involve the Mythos and cat.)

Cubicle 7 Kickstart’s their London Boxed Set

A project I have been eagerly anticipating has finally reached the Kickstarter stage- Cubicle 7 have launched their Kickstarter for the London Boxed Set.  I’ll let them explain it:

While London has been covered in previous books* (and most recently most ably by Anthony Warren in the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion) this will be the most comprehensive (and best looking) treatment of London for Call of Cthulhu ever.  If you’re interested, give the Kickstarter a look.

*Off the top of my head, Green and Pleasant Land, the London Guidebook, Kingdom of the Blind, Masks of Nyarlathotep, Day of the Beast… and of course Trail of Cthulhu’s masterful Bookhounds of London.

News roundup (yee-ha?)

Sorry to have been so remiss in my posting.  I’ve been focused on wrapping up the first regular issue of the Arkham Gazette as well as another writing project (more on that soon, I hope); when compounded with pressing real-life necessities, the blog had to take a pause.  That being said…

My copy of Island of Ignorance arrived (slightly dinged sadly), making Golden Goblin Press the first publisher to keep a deadline for any Kickstarter I’ve joined.  Nicely done.  The book’s great too; hopefully I can put together a review at some point.

Podcast news: