R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

I’ve mentioned my early affection for the television show In Search Of… more than once on the blog.  Today we’ve learned of the death of that program’s host Leonard Nimoy.  Obviously most people think of him first as Mr. Spock, but for me, I will always know him as the guy in a turtleneck reading half-baked theories and conjecture, which helped to fuel my young imagination, even if the show was an Ivory Soap ratio of bunk to truth.

Nevertheless, I was very moved today when I heard of his passing.  I’ll leave the obituaries for others, but I wanted to offer my posthumous thanks.  Good bye sir.  Good bye.

(And for something wholly unserious)

Hmmmm… maybe I should finish up my ‘In Search Of…’ meets the Dunwich Horror scenario?