You have 364 days…

Marking HPL’s 124’s birthday, NecronomiCon 2015 has been announced in an email to 2013 attendees:

The next NecronomiCon Providence will be August 20th to the 23rd, 2015 – coinciding with Lovecraft’s 125th Birthday anniversary – and will have a theme of an International Homecoming, bringing together academics, authors, artists, and Lovecraftian devotees and fans of Weird Fiction of all stripes from around the world. As with last year, we anticipate lots of eldritch events held all month leading up to the conference and festival weekend, in partnership with our various local allies and friends. Expect another intensive immersion into the city central to Lovecraft’s life and literature, filled with scholarly talks, panel discussions, author readings, art shows, film screenings, walking tours, gaming, music and parties, and myriad other stellar events bringing your into the heart of hoary Providence that you’ve all been clamoring for since last year.

Fingers crossed and I will be there.  The official site currently has the poster and not much more, but I suspect that will change soon.  I’m considering offering some sort of graveyard-related presentation, perhaps updating my guide to Providence’s graveyards (I still have a few old ones!).  Maybe I’ll do that Providence/Rhode Island special issue of the Arkham Gazette… I feel the mental gears spinning…  Any thoughts from my reader(s)?

Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion news

To quote Paul of Cthulhu:

ImageThe completed/corrected/updated version of the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion has just been delivered to my inbox.

It looks fantastic.

It is a beast.

It is an epic publication at over 600 pages. Giant “thank yous” and appreciation are due to everyone involved. Adam of Sixtystone Press has done a wonderful job tackling the layout of this great tome.

Obviously the question once again becomes that of the topic title. “Where can I get it?” – we’ll have more information on that in a little while as we sort out exactly how we mean to deliver the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion: Bloody Tongue Edition (and provide printed copies).

So do please stay tuned (and allow a little forbearance) as we begin to conclude this seven year project.

You’ll excuse me while I do a little dance.

Breaking News- The Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion is free*

I probably will never have Breaking News again but I wanted to post here that, at long last The Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion is available for your enjoyment.

See more HERE

I will have more to say soon. Until then enjoy the book.

*Literally and figuratively

Farewell to Miskatonic River Press

Farewell MRP 😦

It has been announced via an interview on that Miskatonic River Press is going to shutter (possibly forever) as a publisher once they wrap up some of their current projects.  As someone who has written for MRP and worked with Tom Lynch (who will focus on his teaching career) I wanted to post my best wishes to Tom and express my sadness at the passing of this CoC licensee.  Tom cites lack of time, ever-growing cost of shipping (especially international), and poor sales (in large part due to shipping costs).  If you haven’t picked up Tales of the Sleepless City (or any other of MRP’s books) I recommend doing so now.  I do not know what the fate of Forgotten Corners of Lovecraft Country Vol. 1 (aka the Aylesbury Book), a book to which I have contributed, will be unfortunately.

I hope that the Arkham Gazette, which I hope to have the first issue of done soon, will carry on a small part of the MRP legacy.

Lynn Willis, RIP

Oddly this seems to be the only photo anyone has of him.

I learned today that Lynn Willis, long-time editor at Chaosium, has died.  Lynn and I have never met, but we exchanged emails from 2004 until just before he retired from Chaosium in 2008.  Others certainly knew him better than I and I have always wondered at the value of the eulogy but I feel an obligation to Lynn, for his advice and kindness, to say a few words in remembrance.

Before we talked via email, I knew Lynn through his work, first from the Ghostbusters RPG, the later from Call of Cthulhu.  There was something different in the writing… I particularly remember there being a footnote in Ghostbusters defining Nota Bene… Later, when I made my first submission to Chaosium, that voice was there again.  What I was surprised by was that Lynn took the time to not just handle the basic details of getting my monograph published, but to answer my questions, offer suggestions and advice, and generally being a good guy.  We talked about projects, most of which never saw the light of day – he was hoping to see the London Guidebook revamped, I wanted to do something with Lovecraft Country… there were more ideas of course, some of which might still see the light of day, the most important of which is the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion.  After Lynn was forced to retire due to the effects of Parkinson’s Disease, Chaosium lost something I do not think they have, or will ever, replace.

I don’t really have a point I suppose, beyond adding my voice to the chorus mourning his loss and singing his praises, as a writer, editor, and simply as a person.

Here are some links to other reminiscences-

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Goodbye Lynn.