How many synonyms for ‘potpouri’ are there?

No earth-shattering news, but since it has been about a week since my last update, I figured it was time to post my meager bits of new information:

  • I have continued to add and expand the Massachusetts Graveyards page; in addition to expanded notes about resources I’ve also continued to enlarge my listing of sites for Middlesex County. I’m now up through the Ns.
  • I managed, for the first time in a long time, to get to the library and do a little research. I found a copy of Inscriptions from Burial Grounds of the Nashsway Towns, which is a compilation from Lancaster and all its ‘daughter’ towns, which includes portion of gravestone inscriptions, some cemetery information, a little on some local gravestone carvers, and whatever the local historical society saw fit to include.  It is very helpful in those cases where they saw fit to include information about the history of a town’s graveyards (like for Sterling).  Still, it is odd when local historians overlook facts I’ve learned elsewhere (Lancaster’s cemetery list omits one family plot, Harvard’s records neglect the burials at the Still River church… for example)
  • There has been an update from Thomas Phinney regarding Cristoforo, including a spiffy contributor only limited preview.  I must confess I had the pleasure of playing around with seeing a few of my titles up in ‘Cthulhu font’.  Looking forward to seeing the finished version in the fall.
  • It looks like Goodman games has another Cthulhu release in the works – The Timeless Sands of India.  I would normally not mention yet-to-be-released products (though there have been so few of late) but the author, Jon Hook, and the editor, Matthew Pook, were contributors to the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion, so plugging their book is the least I can do. {For the record Jon did the layout for our pre-gens, while Mr. Pook wrote, edited, and provided much moral support}.  Also, India is a seriously neglected corner of the world when it comes to Cthulhu gaming (a few brief sections of Spawn of Azathoth and Tatters of the King aside… and Mysteries of the Raj, a book I’ve not read) so anything set in the subcontinent is going to garner my interest.
  • Voting for the ENnies is going on now.  Call and Trail of Cthulhu are well represented; give them some love, yes?
  • LATE DEVELOPMENT: Shane Ivey is now reporting reception of our psychic emanations!  Behold: “Did I hear that correctly in the whispers the night brought me?”  Keep up the meditative focus people (and people-like entities)!

More housekeeping, the Companion, Christoforo, graves, etc.

Bits and pieces of small news that, when gathered together, merit a post I suppose.

  • Second time was the charm for Christoforo, it would seem, as Mr. Phinney was able to raise over $10,000, well over his goal. I look forward to getting my copy when the font is ready.
  • Meanwhile I am still awaiting the last of our proof-reading for the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion. I’ve had a pair of drop-outs to the effort (drop outs for good cause, of course) and their work has been taken up by others. Hopefully we’ll have the last sections at hand soon and, once their carefully read corrections have been applied, we can finally release the Beast.
  • I’ve made some updates to my page about New England graveyards; I’ve expanded my notes about resources as well as visited a few new sites, including the hard to find Elliot Hill Burying Ground, and a supposedly haunted cemetery in Leicester, MA. Elliot Hill wasn’t all that exciting, though there were two stones from William Young. At the later location the most dangerous thing I spotted was a tick. Wooooooo! (Please people, can we not let the gossip of inebriated teens be the basis for our ghost stories? Only an idiot, or someone drunk on aftershave and root beer schnapps, would imagine a Quaker Cemetery is a secret gate to hell).

  • I’ve made a few interesting finds at the bookstore, used and otherwise. Titles include Roadside Geology of Massachusetts, New England’s Visitor’s from Space, and a 1919 High School yearbook. If I have some time I’ll post a few listing from the students’ entries naming their favorite drinks… sulfur and molasses, anyone?

MoNC proof-reading and housekeeping

A grab-bag of quick points today:

  • I’ve posted a notice looking for proof-readers for the final round of proof-reading for the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion on
  • I’ve updated the Lovecraftian rpg products for 2012 section of the site to include the first release for Achtung Cthulhu as well as to include the Macabre Tales system.
  • Tom Phinney has decided to give Kickstarter another try with Cristophoro.  He’s lowered the goal total and modified the rewards.  Give it a look.

That’s all for today folks!