New Podcast link: Miskatonic University Podcast

Please excuse poor Hecubus, he’s having a nap.

While we continue to await the release of our long-demanded next episode of the the Unspeakable Oath podcast, I have taken to listening to other Lovecraftian productions, as time allows. Today I’m adding a link to the Miskatonic University podcast. In each episode (13 so far, how propitious!) the three Keepers/Hosts discuss various topics of interest to Lovecraftian gamers (Keepers in particular). In recent episodes they have added dedicated segments, such as the enjoyable M.U. history presentation, giving the show a more polished feel. I do wish they would do a tiny bit more research sometimes… their discussion of the Deep Ones in a recent episode totally neglected to mention Dennis Detwiller’s excellent ‘Black Cod Island’, from Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity, for example… And more importantly they were unaware of Escape from Innsmouth!!!  Good luck gents and ‘Go Pods’ (though again, minor quibble, the real M.U. mascot is the Badger, iirc).