Omnibus catch-up

I’ve had a myriad of items to report here to my corner of Blogsylvania.  Life has kept me away, but I have declared “No More!”  Of course, I started this post when it was still September, so you might infer from that how well I can slap life around.  Let’s get cracking!

  • Paul Maclean of was extraordinarily generous and sent me a copy of The Express Diaries as a thanks for my ‘work’ as a moderator at the site.  What a splendid book!  Now if I only could stay awake for more than 10 minutes after laying down for the evening…  Speaking of slow reading pace-
  • I’ve been very slowly working my way through Bumps in the Night and am generally enjoying it.  My favorite scenario so far the the Westerfield Incident but I’m only about 1/2 way through the book and two scenarios and change are yet to come.  John Crowe 3 definitely has a style of scenario, which I generally like.  Now if he might only be convinced to allow his work to be sold as a PDF…
  • Various Kickstarter projects continue to progress.  Chaosium managed to raise in excess of $200,000 for their revamp of Horror on the Orient Express.  Updates for both Cristoforo and Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man suggest those two projects are moving forward satisfactorily as well.  Excelsior!
  • My friends at Miskatonic River Press have started taking pre-orders for Tales of the Sleepless City, their newest scenario collection.  Check it out.
  • I’ve slowly been adding to my Massachusetts graveyard maps.  In addition to Worcester County and Middlesex County which I’d finished previously, I’ve completed Norfolk County and am making progress on Hampden.
  • I’ve been compiling a list of all the CoC scenarios set in New England.  When I have it something closer to done I’ll share it
  • Speaking of, I’ve got some gaming news, all of it forcibly ambiguous… a cult for Delta Green… an old work in translation… a new [redacted]… fun stuff.
  • Finally, yay October!  What candy do I buy for… the kids?

Generic excuse for not posting

As my reader has likely noticed I’ve been too busy to post any updates here on ‘Tomes’.  Sorry about that.  Between baby duties (feeding, changing, loving), household needs (baby gates everywhere), for-pay writing,  and, to be honest seasons 1-3 of Mad Men and Fallout 3: New Vegas, I have been otherwise occupied.

In honor of Dennis Detwiller’s first post in seven months to his fine blog, I figured I could at least post a bit today.

I’ve been up to a little in the world of gaming:

Fishing touches on my scenario “Shadow Alchemy” for Forgotten Corners of Lovecraft Country vol. 1 (aka The Aylesbury Book)

Reading manuscripts for several soon-to-be released (fingers crossed!) projects.  Now, I need to actually send comments on these books to their respective authors and publishers…. aka the hard part, not because I have criticism, but because that requires A) thinking and B) time to write.  If you are one of those people, my apologies.

Working on a Lovecraft Country endeavor, the details of which I can’t really discuss

and finally, working on a post about the importance of editing and feedback in the scenario writing process, thoughts on combat in CoC, and other sundry stuff.

Until the stars are right again,