Random Encounter – 1d3 podcasts

We’ve got a couple of new blog episodes and some other minor bits to note:


(Confidential to {Kidney Disease Symptoms} When you said “Person.. I am not a lot into studying, but by some means I got to learn lots of content on your blog. Its wonderful how fascinating it is that i can visit a person very often. –” I had a few thoughts:

  • People respond to personal greetings, not being called ‘person’.
  • Your first sentence is awkward – try “I don’t enjoy studying but I did learn something from your blog.”
  • Try “I plan to visit your blog often.” for sentence #2.
  • If you’re going to randomly pick a name for your fake account ‘Kidney Disease Symptoms’ kinda sucks.

I hope that helps.)

Look ma, more news!

Once again just as soon as I post a news update, more things occur in the world of Lovecraftian RPGs. Here are a couple of pieces to add onto the pile:

  • Chaosium has announced that Horror on the Orient Express 2nd Ed. has been delayed.  Number of people surprised: 0.  (I should add that I hope Mark Morrison isn’t beating himself up too much.  There is only so much one can do to put together a 345k book – well, books – including writing, playtesting, editing, etc. was assumed by just about everyone to be an impossible task.  I wish Chaosium had been more realistic about a release date, or kept the project to a more manageable size.)
  • There has been a new episode of the Good Friends of Jackson Elias, this time talking about their favorite horror TV shows.
  • My proof-reader has returned Arkham Gazette, issue 0 and apparently it was pretty well received.  I hope to have it available for download within a couple days; I still need to draw some maps…