Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion news

To quote Paul of Cthulhu:

ImageThe completed/corrected/updated version of the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion has just been delivered to my inbox.

It looks fantastic.

It is a beast.

It is an epic publication at over 600 pages. Giant “thank yous” and appreciation are due to everyone involved. Adam of Sixtystone Press has done a wonderful job tackling the layout of this great tome.

Obviously the question once again becomes that of the topic title. “Where can I get it?” – we’ll have more information on that in a little while as we sort out exactly how we mean to deliver the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion: Bloody Tongue Edition (and provide printed copies).

So do please stay tuned (and allow a little forbearance) as we begin to conclude this seven year project.

You’ll excuse me while I do a little dance.


Arkham Gazette update

I’ve said this in a comment reply, but to make it official, there has been enough interest (including someone who linked to my post in Poland?) that I’m going to go ahead and finish up Issue 0 of the “Arkham Gazette” and release it onto the world.

A couple of questions for my audience of dozens:

  • I am not sold on the title; does it convey the intent of the periodical? Anyone have suggestions for alternate titles?
  • Formatting: I assume full page 8.5×11 is acceptable?
  • I know the formatting is basic, but is it readable?
  • I’m sure I will have other questions but those will do for now. Thanks for the feedback.