Halloween minus seven days

It’s been a busy month here in WinstonP-land, with family trips, pressing assignments, and an exciting bout of illness keeping me occupied.  To put it another way, it wasn’t until today when I found time to get the Halloween decorations out of the attic… three weeks after my usual unpack the decorations date.

First off, I’ve finished the Hapden County graveyard map.  See it here.

Next, my friends at the Unspeakable Oath have updated their submission guidelines.  On the plus side, the rate for the short fiction “Message in a Bottle” section has been upped to $100.   On the down side, regular pieces like “Mysterious Manuscripts” and “Arcane Artifacts” have been switched from a by the word rate of 4 cents to a flat $20.  Incentive to keep them short I suppose… (and for reference, I was paid around $30ish for my previous submissions)  At least the longer articles remain at 4 cents a word.  I’m still working on a piece for a future issue, pending acceptance (and completion, of course.)  If they don’t have a new episode of their podcast soon though, I might unleash Hecubus upon them again.

Finally, I have updated the 2012 Lovecraftian RPG list to include the latest PDF release from the gang at Pelgrane – Sister of Sorrow; yet another WWI scenario from the fertile mind of Adam Gauntlett… this time, featuring submarines!

That’s it for now… hopefully I will have more news on the Companion… and other projects… soon.  (Oh, and I’ve passed the 4000th page hit.  Thank you Russian Spam millionaires!)


MoNC proof-reading and housekeeping

A grab-bag of quick points today:

  • I’ve posted a notice looking for proof-readers for the final round of proof-reading for the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion on Yog-Sothoth.com.
  • I’ve updated the Lovecraftian rpg products for 2012 section of the site to include the first release for Achtung Cthulhu as well as to include the Macabre Tales system.
  • Tom Phinney has decided to give Kickstarter another try with Cristophoro.  He’s lowered the goal total and modified the rewards.  Give it a look.

That’s all for today folks!