Random Encounter – 1d3 podcasts

We’ve got a couple of new blog episodes and some other minor bits to note:


(Confidential to {Kidney Disease Symptoms} When you said “Person.. I am not a lot into studying, but by some means I got to learn lots of content on your blog. Its wonderful how fascinating it is that i can visit a person very often. –” I had a few thoughts:

  • People respond to personal greetings, not being called ‘person’.
  • Your first sentence is awkward – try “I don’t enjoy studying but I did learn something from your blog.”
  • Try “I plan to visit your blog often.” for sentence #2.
  • If you’re going to randomly pick a name for your fake account ‘Kidney Disease Symptoms’ kinda sucks.

I hope that helps.)

Fonts, stones, and other odds and ends

A couple quite items to note-

First off, Thomas Phinney’s Kickstarter for Christoforo did not make its (admittedly rather high) goal. Hopefully he will not entirely abandon the project.  I do love Columbus.

Secondly, I have dusted off a piece I wrote several years ago and submitted it to the new Delta Green website… I did mention they have a new site, yes?  Oh dear, it looks like I did not.  The item in question, “The Milltrap Stone” was inspired by a visit to “America’s Stonehenge”, among other things.  Not quite a scenario, not quite enough for a submission to the Unspeakable Oath, it has slept on my hard drive until now.

Finally, I will reiterate my offer to answer questions about the creation of the Masks Companion.  Do you have any?  I may eventually solicit the folks at Yog-sothoth.com, but I thought I’d start here first as a reward to my three daily readers (and that one guy in Slovenia who found me looking for “tome poisoning“).