Win some (contests), lose some (podcast)

Tsathoggua… he’s the Mythos version of Puxatawny Phil, right?

Ah, Groundhog’s Day… the time when everyone catches up on their blog with a news roundup…

  • I’m happy to announce that my submission to this winter’s Shotgun Scenario Contest, Holding Cell, was the top vote getter in the poll of members… granted the poll only had 28 votes, but I’ll take that as a win.
  • I’m sad to announce that News from Pnakotus is ending its run.  I have greatly enjoyed NfP (and Yog Radio, which came before it) and, while I understand Paul’s reasons (lack of time, for example), I’m still sad to see it go.   It was a good run.
  • I’m happy to announce (my, what mood swings I’m having) that Dean Englehart has released his mock newspaper article generator Mutable Deceptions.  Now you too can have high quality newspaper articles to use as handouts in your game, Call of Cthulhu or otherwise.  It is such a great idea I’m stunned no one has done this before.  I cannot wait to use it.

Sayanora 2012

Having survived the turning of the Long Cycle, we’ve nearly reached the end of 2012.  I figured I should include a quick year-end wrap up post on Monday or Tuesday (whence I might make use of my 2012 Lovecraftian gaming product list) but in the mean time a little bit of house keeping is in order since we’ve had a few new releases to mention:

The Shadow of Krampus (Free PDF for Macabre Tales)

The Phantom of Wilson Creek (Chaosium monograph, PDF now, print version available 1/1/13)

Additionally there have been new episodes of News from Pnakotus and The Miskatonic University Podcast, who followed up their extended interview with Adam Scott Glancy with an entire episode dedicated to Pulp.

Stay frosty until next time.

And then there was one…

Odds and ends on post-fireworks day.

  • If someone offers you Rogue’s Bacon Maple Ale… decline.  (Unless you want to know what a house fire tastes like).  Also, if you are choosing a bottle for your brewery, Pepto Bismol pink is not what you are looking for.
  • Cookies that contain chocolate chips, M&Ms, quick oats, and peanut butter are delicious.
  • We are down to a single section… no wait, just checked my email, we’re down to half a section still due for the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion.  Soon, my pretties, soon.
  • I am starting a campaign of sending psychic vibrations urging the gang at the Unspeakable Oath podcast into making a new episode.  Stare at the bottle of revolting beer and meditate on why they should record a new episode.  I need more to things to listen to while driving.
  • Speaking of podcasts, I’m adding a set of links to my favorite CoC related podcast to the sidebar.  Enjoy.