Another Podcast, still with Glancy

A quick note to point out the gang at the Miskatonic University Podcast have released a new episode (#20).  It’s always an interesting listen made more so by their guest Adam Scott Glancy of Pagan Publishing.  He talks about what’s up with Pagan, how their Kickstarter for Bumps went, and what scenarios he favors for a Keeper new to Delta Green.  Yeah, he says nice things about “Last Things Last” again.  I should blog about how that little scenario came to be at some point…

Oooh, shiny

We’ve had some nice developments in the land of Cthulhu.  Aside from my receipt of Bumps in the Night a couple days back, I’ve also had an update from Dennis Detwiller regarding The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Mancampaign (including a little preview, woooo) Kickstarter project.  Looks to be shaping up very well.

Finally, Shane Ivey has posted the audio recording of the Delta Green seminar at GenCon this year.  Give it a listen, here.

Outside of gaming, I have also learned a bit more about a more obscure burial site in Worcester County, this time the Baptist Church at Harvard at Still River.  Looks like one of the stones is legit (or the late Deacon William Willard, d. 1793) but the other two are discarded stones found in secondary use near to the church.  My thanks to the Harvard Historical Society for the information.  (Oh, and I’ve finished a preliminary survey of Middlesex Co. graveyards on my Graveyards page; Norfolk County is up next.)

All that, plus it is once again apple picking season here in Lovecraft Country so I’m happily saited with cider and fine varietals.  Yum.

The Other Kickstarter project…

Bumps in the Night cover

I forgot to mention in my post about The Sense of the Slight of Hand Man fundraiser that Pagan Publishing is also having its own Kickstarter fund raising project,

in this case for its long in the works scenario collection Bumps in the Night. They have already passed their goal level (blasted past it really) but if, somehow, you read this blog but don’t read,, or any of the other sites where this has been publicized, I figured I should mention it here.

It is great to see how much support these recent Kickstarter endeavors have had; they really do see like the way forward for small publishers for Call of Cthulhu.  It’s also been a very good month, with several new books released or soon to be published.