Fury of Yig Playtest 12/15

Sadly due to Cosmic Forces, 1/2 of the group was not able to make last night’s session. Rather than do a 1 on 1 game (“Okay… What do you want to do AFTER Yig eats you?”), we elected to play a bit of Arkham Horror, drafting into play our significant others. Much fun was had, much cheese was eaten (but why oh why does no one understand my love for Stilton?), and, after some close calls involving lonely scientists fighting shoggoths with enchanted dynamite, Nyarlathotep was prevented from entering the world. Huzzah.

Looks like we’ll play next week instead.

Playtesting, session two

Things went well… but what to make of that boot print?

Injuries: 1 shotgun blast

Death: 0 (only rolled a 9 on 4d6)

Sanity Lost: 2 points (for exposure to gunfight and dead body)