ENnie winners, Kickstarter, again

A couple of items I wanted to note-

First off, I guess I have pretty good taste, as both Liber Fumo (aka the Occult Guide to London) and Shadows Over Scotland won gold at the annual ENnie awards presented at GenCon.  It was a good showing for Lovecraftian gaming overall, with this excellent pair joined by Kevin Ross’ outstanding revamp of Cthulhu by Gaslight and several PDF only products from Pelgrane.  Congratulations to all.

I also should mention there is yet another Kickstarter… really an avalanche, no?  This time it’s Chaosium, raising money to do an expanded box version of Horror on the Orient Express.  Of course, within about a day they have already raised in excess of their goal of $20,000, suggesting there is a wee bit of pent-up demanded.

Hear Dan Harms on The Unspeakable Oath podcast

Just a quick heads-up to my reader; episode 4 of The Unspeakable Oath podcast is out and it features a lengthy interview with Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia, Fury of Yig, and lead author of Forgotten Corners of Lovecraft Country vol 1 (aka The Aylesbury book). While the topic is ostensibly how to make your game scary, I think everyone will enjoy the story about Dan’s adventures as a human shield.

Give it a listen.