The Pool of Mr. Binh – A Short Scenario for Cthulhu by Arclight

I wanted to let my reader know that “The Pool of Mr. Binh” a very short scenario I wrote for the gang at the Black Seal as a aperitif for the forthcoming Cthulhu by Arclight(aka the Black Seal’s Vietnam War sourcebook) as been posted to their site.  Enjoy!


Oh yeah…

A little while ago one of my works saw print- More Adventures in Arkham Country (from Miskatonic River Press) contains my scenario “Ghosts of the Florentina”.  Dreamy Kingsport collides with the harsh realities of property development!  Who will win in a clash of Lovecraftian horrors and escrow accounts?

More seriously, I am very happy with this scenario and enjoin everyone to purchase a copy of this book so that I might keep up my opulent lifestyle or rpgs and Cristal filled hot tubs.