Thank you, nameless Postal servitors (Updated)

Look out! The Dover Demon is, uh, mute! Any tiny! And probably not very dangerous!

{Of course as soon as I post something about the mail, I get more things to report.  I’ve added those at the end.}

Whilst enjoying some positive feedback on the Arkham Gazette’s demo issue, I was also fortunate enough to get a batch of books in the mail, so expected, some ordered long ago and forgotten. Let’s have a rundown, shall we?

  • The Unspeakable Oath #22.  Excellent as ever, with a really interesting modern scenario (“Die High”, which is not about a German High School despite the name).  Have you subscribed yet?
  • Stone Structures of New England, a pamphlet about, well, stone structures in New England.  An interesting resource.
  • Monsters of Massachusetts, which sadly doesn’t contain any beasties I’ve not heard of already, but has some interesting scenario building material nevertheless.
  • Shotguns v. Cthulhu, which contains Adam Scott Glancy’s fictional take on my Shotgun Scenario “Last Things Last“.  It is simultaneously thrilling and odd to see what one of the creators of Delta Green does with my little scenario.  I appreciate Scott’s enthusiasm for the scenario and his gentlemanly willingness to split the payment and contributor copies 50/50.
  • Three issues of Lovecraft Studies arrived at long (long long) last from Necronomicon Press (#33, 39, & 41 if you were curious).  I ordered these back in early June, having had my interest piqued about Foxfield, so I went right to the source… that source being Will Murray’s article “Where Was Foxfield” in #33.  Finally!

I’m expecting The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man any day now (already have PDF but prefer to read the print version)… certain occult signs suggest that Sixtystone Press’ first book will see print soon as well.  I’ve got a lot of good reading ahead of me… now I just need to get my scenarios ready for NecronomiCon.

Unspeakable Oath news, another^2 Kickstarter, and the Hypnotoad

My psychic campaign continues with increasing success!  Shane Ivey recently posted to YSDC that, regarding issue #21 of the TUO:

I couldn’t find a suitable image of Sir Simon Milligan so I figured this Farey-esque Hypnotoad would have to do.

“It’s been held up by one thing or another on my end for ages.  Right now I’m gritting through the also-belated PDF and paperback revision and release of our World War 2 RPG ‘Godlike.’  I expect to be done with that in a couple of days and do a blitz on TUO 21 starting next week. We have a ton of great material for it, ready to roll.”
This is especially happy news for me since I have asubmission that was being considered for #21 that I hope will see print.  In the mean time, mediate upon this graven image of the Hypnotoad ——————————>>>>>>>>>>>>

(Yeah, it would probably be easier just to write to Shane, but this is more fun.

There is yet another Kickstarter I should mention, and, in this case, I’m actually involved with the project, albeit tangentially.  Stone Skin Press (the fiction wing of Pelgrane Press) is raising money to print their first round of books, including Shotguns vs. Cthulhu.  In said book appears a story by Adam Scott Glancy based on my shotgun scenario “Last Things Last“.  It is exciting, and just a little weird, to have one of your scenarios turned into a bit of fiction.  It is especially edifying to have someone whose work I have so much enjoyed found my little scenario so inspirational.