Arrivals in a Bolt of Lightning

Hello Friday, what have you got for me?

We’ve got a special 100th episode of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, an all lightning-round special!

Pagan Publishing has announced its new Kickstarter for “A Covenant with Death” the first in their (fingers crossed) Horrors of War series. At what point do I pitch Glancy on my Far Eastern Republic scenario? 😉

Finally… what’s that… a noise at the door? Oh look, my copy of Tales of the Crescent City arrived! Awesome!

Your move, Saturday.


ENnies 2014 and more (no meanie, minie, or moe)

It is that time of year again – ENnies voting season has arrived. There are loads of Lovecraftian products in the running this year – The Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man Eternal Lies, Achtung! Cthulhu, the Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. quickstart rules – loads of stuff. Go vote!

Tentaclii has posted links to free versions of two books from H.P. Lovecraft’s library – A Book of New England Legends and Folklore (1883) and Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast (1875).

The print version of Tales of the Crescent City has arrived at the noisome warrens of Golden Goblin Press and are now being shipped to the Kickstarter’s happy backers. That’s some fast turn-around Oscar. 🙂

Finally there’s a new episode of the Good Friends of Jackson Elias, in which they discuss the aforementioned Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. quickstart rules.

“It’s Friday, I’m in Love(craft)”

Cue the bullet points!

  • As June segues into July, we finally have started to see some actual Call of Cthulhu releases (at least available to a few of us). I’ve only started digging into my backer PDF copy of Tales of the Crescent City, but I’m really enjoying it so far. I look forward to getting my print copy shortly.  Oscar, apparently having made some dark pact with the forces of the Mythos, is not just gearing up for the Kickstarter for their Invictus scenario collection De Horrore Cosmico, but is already plotting their next book.  I maaaaay have been one of those people he emailed…
  • Curious what the the first poster for NecronomiCon 2015 will look like?  Behold! (as an added bonus, there’s also a timeline for HPL in 1915 at that site.)
  • Help get the next issue of the Arkham Gazette out before 2015 – I’m always looking for submissions.
  • As for Podcasts, only one this time – Ken and Robin talked about… Mummies, George V vs. the Flying Dutchman, and an interview so historically geeky that it put a smile on my face.  Dissolution of the monasteries?  My catnip!
  • The Kickstarter for Feed the Shoggoth is only (as of this moment) $805 from its funding goal.  Don’t make me fund the rest, gang…
  • Oh look, as a backer of the Failed Anatomies Kickstarter, I got an email with a PDF to playtest the new Delta Green rules… Hmm… “This manuscript is confidential and under copyright. Do not distribute it to anyone else…”  Eh, who cares what that says, I’m going to spoil this thing… wait… someone at the door?  Candygram?  I didn’t order a—

    This /might/ be what I saw at the door. Folks, do NOT mess with the Delta Green partnership.

A Crescent City arrival and other news

Cover: Tales of the Crescent City

A unsettling email arrived today from Golden Goblin Press bearing a malign link to a most diabolical document… my back PDF for Tales of the Crescent City arrived!  Very pretty (and the first professional CoC release of the year!) It’s a gorgeous book and I look forward to seeing in in print.

In other news, I posted a possible link of interest regarding a potential real-world source of inspiration for Devil Reef on the Sentinel Hill Press blog.

The Shoggoth is Unleashed! (and less monstrous news)

(Please excuse the perfunctory version of this I posted last night.)

Let’s gather up the news, shall we?

Catching up with the Good Friends, Crescent City News, and More

The aforementioned “Hot War”

I’ve neglected to mention the past few episodes of the Good Friends of Jackson Elias – Talking about Skills in RPGs, Scott Dorward waxes rhapsodic about “Hot War” (and “Cold City” as well), and interview said games’ creator Malcolm Craig.

The titular goblins of Golden Goblin Press have also released a few preview pages for Tales of the Crescent City, which looks to be progressing nicely.

Chaosium’s site upgrade is still ongoing.

Finally, I’m hoping to have the next issue of the Arkham Gazette finished soon. We’re at almost 25k words currently, with an estimated total length of 28k or 29k, depending how long my scenario runs. Soon, soon…

Argh (busy busy)

Sorry for the lack of updates; things have been hectic around TiP Central due to various IRL issues.  Ideally I would be talking about a few odds and ends from 2013, including the various Lovecraftian RPG podcasts, my favorite releases from the year, etc.

Instead, for now I’ll just pass along a link to Golden Goblin’s latest Kickstarter for their next book “Tales of the Crescent City”.  They’ve already reached twice their initial target.  Check it out.

So many podcasts (and a few books)

Still working on my year-end-wrap-up but I didn’t want to miss out on the post-holidays batch of podcasts and new books and other news

Miskatonic University Podcast
They’ve had two episodes since I last mentioned them:
A long (long long) interview with Adam Scott Glancy and a not quite as long (but still substantial) interview with Kenneth Hite.

The Good Friends of Jackson Elias, slowing their pace down, talked about combat in 7th Ed. Call of Cthulhu and their favorite ‘weird’ movies.

Finally, the second part of the new Plot Points podcast’s discussion of Convergence is also out.

As for RPG stuff…
Secrets of Tibet is now available in print and Dead Lights as a PDF. If you have two grand (or were part of the Kickstarter) you can have a look at the proof of Horror on the Orient Express.

The Unspeakable Oath released the subscriber rewards – fiction from Adam Scott Glancy and John Tynes.

Oscar Rios has announced that the Kickstarter for Golden Goblin Press’ next book “Tales of the Crescent City” will start on January 24th.

And I tied for second in the most recent Shotgun Scenario contest on the Delta Green Mailing List.

There may be more, but I can’t think of it right now.