Project(s) update

Here is the rundown:

Fury of Yig play-testing: Complete!

Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion: Two chapters in final proof, eight to go

Machine Tractor Interminable Wait-37: Still slowly pending


In other news, Sixtystone Press/The Black Seal have officially announced something I had been working on for a while- The Black Seal’s (Long Awaited) Vietnam Special aka Cthulhu by ARCLIGHT.  They’ve posted a content list here.

The Dreaded Con-Rit!


I contributed two pieces- A Mythos Gazetteer for South East Asia and a regional Bestiary.  For the former I confined myself to the fiction (mostly but not entirely Lovecraft) as well as previously published materials, while for the later I attempted some original research (with the help of some material sent to the Black Seal from another contributor).  I was shockingly disappointed with my local library; their collection was sorely lacking when it came to Asian mythology and legend.  Happily google books was a wee bit more helpful, albeit slightly archaic.

Now I’m off to the library to do some more research on [redacted]!


The return of the Unspeakable Oath (and a new project)

So, back from the dead (or at least dead-ish) comes the Unspeakable Oath, the seminal Call of Cthulhu magazine of the 90s.   There have been rumblings of its return for some time now, especially in the wake of the shuttering of Worlds of Cthulhu.  I’m glad to see it return as there is a definite void (assuming The Black Seal continues to “nap”).  More info on the revivified Oath can be found here.

Since I am a glutton for punishment, I’ve decided to try my hand at crafting a submission (or two) for the Oath.  I dub these writings “Project 3”, though they will be far shorter than either Project 1 or Project 2 (and I think there are phone books shorter than Project 0) so they shouldn’t detract from my work on either of these pieces; I just couldn’t let a chance to get something in UO pass me by.

My thought it to do (yet again) another tome write-up (a la my piece on the Turner Codex), this time a certain tome from the library of Joseph Curwen… as the theme for the issue is “resurrection”.  I’ve done a survey of the game literature (nearly nothing) and the fiction (barely a bit more) and am now pondering (which is to say waiting for inspiration to strike) awaiting the arrival of a little more info from a helpful source.

Fun story- when I lived in Iowa I attempted to order issue 16/17 at my local hobby shop.  After waiting a few months and seeing that it had been released, I asked the clerk if it had arrived.  He apologized and said they’d not been able to get a copy… due in no small part to the fact they misunderstood the name of the magazine to be the Unspeakable Oaf.  Sigh.