Legend tripping with Pete and Pete (and more)

Things remain busy here at TiP central.  A few bits and bobs to amuse in the mean time…

The gents at Good Friends of Jackson Elias have released another episode, this one a discussion of HPL’s “The Haunter of the Dark”.

Golden Goblin Press has announced that Island of Ignorance is being printed even as I type this; the book’s also had its first review.

Venturing further afield, the two former Petes of The Adventures of Pete & Pete have started a podcast in which they go on adventures together (no, seriously) and in the most recent episode (NSFW) they tour around some of New Jersey’s most… haunted(?) spots as well as chatting with Chris Gethard of Weird New Jersey.  It is an interesting listen not just for fans of mid-90s Nickelodeon programs, but as an insight into the sociological phenomena of legend tripping.

Finally, if you’ve somehow missed it, here’s the ‘trailer’ for Hell No, a horror movie in which people act rationally and reasonably.