The Audient Void

SHPcastLogoI produce the Sentinel Hill Press-cast, which covers Sentinel Hill Press news, interviews with our contributors, Lovecraft Country for the Call of Cthulhu RPG, New England history and folklore, and whatever I think might be of interest to our readers.

Episode 1: Issue #3 and an interview with Chris Huth


I have also appeared on several other podcasts:

The Cthulhu Breakfast Club
I was a panelist for QuizziQal at Necronomicon 2015 ( Patrons only)

The Good Friends of Jackson Elias
Interview about the role of research in Lovecraftian Gaming

The Miskatonic University Podcast
Episode #37 – All about Lovecraft Country and The Arkham Gazette #1
5/4/2014 interview about issue #2 of The Arkham Gazette
12/20/2014 Interview about the Kickstarter for issue #3 of The Arkham Gazette
Episode #83 – Previewing issue #3 of the Arkham Gazette

Episode #132 Promoting the Kickstarter for The Dare.

Episode #242 – Discussing Arkham Gazette 4, “Last Things Last”, and more

The Unspeakable Oath
Episode #19 – Interviewed about The Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion and other topics.

Yog Radio
Episode #31 – I served as the stand-in co-host.

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