Last Things Last

A link to the DG (Gold Ennie Award winning) quickstart rules, including a copy of “Last Things Last”

About the scenario:

Some notes I wrote about the sources of inspiration for the contents of Clyde’s footlocker.


Just a cabin the woods, nothing to see here folks…

Other Appearances
Adam Scott Glancy wrote a short story based on the original version of the scenario for the horror anthology Shotguns v. Cthulhu (2012).

Dennis Detwiller has prepared several illustrations (some containing spoilers) for the scenario – 1, 2

Written Reports:

A discussion of running it in conjunction with the Shotgun Scenario ‘Metamorphosis


Miskatonic University Podcast live play

On the Remembered Slopes (Part I, Part II)

The Redacted Files

Role playing Public Radio

Non-Human User: the Side Tracks

Technical Difficulties


(In Spanish)



(Last updated 5/3/19)


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