All the time in the world! (crunch)

I’ve started preparing my notes for my 3rd annual year-end wrap up essay when Chaosium threw a spanner into the works releasing a Kickstarter-backer only preview of Horror of the Orient Express ver. 2.0 AND a new Lovecraft Country scenario called “Dead Light“. More news when I find the time to read all this stuff.

Throw another book (and a campaign) onto the to-read (or re-read) stack.


Still generally occupied, but if I don’t post about these now, they’ll get lost in the shuffle…

Here’s the podcast round-up:

The Delta Green Mailing List has held its annual Shotgun Scenario contest and are voting to pick the winner.

Cubicle 7’s London Box Set’s Kickstarter wrapped up at 600% of its funding target.

Did I mention Secrets of Tibet has been released, at least as a PDF?

We’re still looking for submissions for the next issue of the Arkham Gazette, as is Protodimension Magazine.

London Kingstarter endgame; also, Dean Engelhardt is nuts

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Things have been busy around TiP HQ with the holidays, and scenario writing (sorry Stuart!), and homunculus wrangling.  Rest assured gentle reader(s?), I’ll have more to say when I wring more time from the fabric of reality, or after Christmas, whichever comes first.

First off, we’ve entered the final few hours of the Cubicle 7 Kickstarter for their London Boxed set.  With nearly 700 backers and over £80,000  pledged, I suspect those of your who were thinking of joining, have already done so, but just in case you missed it, give it a look.

That’s just a tiny part of the thing.

Meanwhile, Dean Engelhardt, who is clearly a lunatic, graphed the evolution of the skills of the various editions of Call of Cthulhu.  It’s huge (and fascinating, frankly) and definitely worth a look.  I’m really amazed how much the skills have been winnowed down in 7th Ed.  I hope they’ve cut down the skill points.

…and it turned into a podcast blitz

Lordy lou, have there been a bunch of podcast releases whilst I’ve been otherwise occupied desperately trying to finish my scenario for the London Boxed Set (the Kickstarter of which has nearly quadrupled its initial goal) and learning how to repair an F21 error on a Maytag 3000 washer.  Who knew socks were so dangerous?

Here’s what been going on in the realm of Lovecraftian RPG podcasts:

  • The Unspeakable Oath released the audio of a meal time conversation between Adam Scott Glancy, Ken Hite, Shane Ivey, Robin Laws, and Ross Peyton (and a waitress) that occurred at GenCon 2013 talking about their various works in progress.  While it is a wee bit dated, the geological pace that most gaming books progress at means that there is much to entertain and inform here, not the least of which is half-audible Muzak background.  Frankie Valli costs me 1/1d4 points of Sanity)
  • The Miskatonic University Podcast crew (this time of Keepers Chad and Dan) have a grab-bag episode covering everything from Twists in gaming, baby farms, and the London Box set.
  • The Good Friends of Jackson Elias have been very busy of late, release one episode a week!  Since I’ve mentioned them last, they’ve talked about The Rats in the Walls and spells in CoC 7th Ed.  Apparently my ribbing them about their monomaniacal hatred of “Attract Fish”* struck a nerve. 😉

Hopefully that will keep you occupied for a few hours.

* For my part – and I’ve not finished listening to the episode – all I feel obliged to say on this point is that “Attract Fish” is a simply little spell that the Deep Ones can bribe their human victims… err… friends with and are implied in the text of “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”.  Maybe we can just have a generic “Attract {Animal}” spell?