About “Tomes in Progress”

Word Press keeps hassling me to update my “About” page, so here goes…

I like to write things for role playing games, primarily for Call of Cthulhu.  I will post occasional updates about how that work is going here.

Ta da!

2 comments on “About “Tomes in Progress”

  1. Mr. Kramer,

    I wanted to say I am a big fan. Your scenario Last Things Last was the scenario that inspired me to write my own shotgun scenario. I got lucky and won this year, and I owe you a thanks for that actually man.

    I’m trying to honor your work in my podcast where i’ll be running several of your shotguns. My friends and I played through Last Things Last, and next we’ll be taking on Whereabouts Unknown, remixed with a new take on an old horror. I also plan to do Foxed and Hounded, if my group survives that long! Keep up the good work.

    Will Schar

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