What I Have Wrought

A Call of Cthulhu CV for Bret Kramer (updated 5/3/2019)

172263The Arkham Gazette

The Arkham Gazette #0 (August 2013 / Revised April 2016)

The Arkham Gazette #1 (November 2013 / Revised December 2017)

The Arkham Gazette #2 (May 2014 / Revised May 2018)

The Arkham Gazette #3  (November 2015)

In Print

Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37 (2004, 2007 slight revision)

“Ghosts of the Florentina” from More Adventures in Arkham Country(2010); French translation 201?)masks_of_nyarlathotep_companion__10231-1500341756-500-659

Central de Maquinaria Jarkov-37 (2012; Spanish revision/expansion of MTSKh-37 above)

Cthulhu Britannica: London Boxed Set (2015 – The Daedalus Club section)

“Last Things Last” (Delta Green RPG version) in Need to Know (2016)

The Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion (2017)


“The Arm in the Green Box” — The Unspeakable Oath #20 (2011)

Saucer Attack 1928: The Dunwich ‘Horror’” — The Unspeakable Oath #21 (2012)

“The Cult of A” — The Unspeakable Oath #24 (2014)

“Holding Cell” — The Unspeakable Oath #24 (2014)

“Kiss the World, Kiss the Sky” (fiction) – The Unspeakable Oath #25 (2018)



Baggage CheckThe Unbound Book #1 (2003)

The Prespos Coition” (entry in the Castaigne Collection project on the DGML)

Notes on the Turner Codex” (2010)

The Pool of Mr. Binh” (The Black Seal website) (2011)

The Milltrap Stone” (submission to Delta Green website) (2012)

Unlabeled VHS Cassette” (submission to Delta Green website) (2012)

Zap Rowsdower” (April Fool’s Day submission to the Delta Green website) (2013)

Rev. Poole and the Heretic Library of the chapel of Little St. Hugh” [A character / location for Bookhounds of London] (2016)

–Shotgun Scenarios–

Last Things Last” {2nd place} (2005; and which inspired a story by the same name here)

Whereabouts Unknown” {1st place} (2006)

U.X.O.” {2nd place} (2007)

This scenario was run by the Into the Darkness live play group in 2017:

Good Intentions” {3rd place} (2008)

Unfriendly” {1st place} (2009)

Special Agent” {2nd place} (2010)

Holding Cell” {1st place} (2012)

Standard Deviation” {2nd place (tie)} (2013)

Straight Outta Crompton” {3rd place} (2014)

Foxed and Hounded” {2nd place (tie)} (2016)

Forthcoming or in Development

Cthulhu by Arclight (contributor)

Forgotten Corners of Lovecraft Country vol 1.: Aylesbury (contributor and the scenario “Shadow Alchemy”)

Ghouls: Eaters of the Dead (Contributor)

Fury of Yig (Contributor and playtesting)

Arkham Gazette #4

The Graveyards of Lovecraft Country

and more…


2 comments on “What I Have Wrought

  1. Jacob Busby says:

    How does one contact you Bret? I can’t find a contact address on the site anywhere.

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