Fury of Yig Playtest 12/15

Sadly due to Cosmic Forces, 1/2 of the group was not able to make last night’s session. Rather than do a 1 on 1 game (“Okay… What do you want to do AFTER Yig eats you?”), we elected to play a bit of Arkham Horror, drafting into play our significant others. Much fun was had, much cheese was eaten (but why oh why does no one understand my love for Stilton?), and, after some close calls involving lonely scientists fighting shoggoths with enchanted dynamite, Nyarlathotep was prevented from entering the world. Huzzah.

Looks like we’ll play next week instead.


General Update 12/9

After seeing others keeping up this sort of thing with much greater regularity (note the recently added link on the right to Badger’s blog about his own RPG writings), I figured I should post, a a minimum, a catch-all update for my various and sundry projects for the benefit of my reader(s?).

Fury of Yig playtest:  Still going great guns (though we’ve barely had any combat, mind you).  The investigators are about 2/3 finished with the campaign, perhaps even further along depending on a few soon-to-be-made choices.  I think the players are having a great time, even if they are a *bit* uncertain of what is going on.  I know I certainly am enjoying running the thing.  I think we’ll keep playing CoC even once ‘Fury’ wraps, perhaps some classic era gaming?  We still had no fatalities, but have have Sanity loss, poisonings, snake bites, gun shots, and a few very unlucky NPC hunters…

Sundry graveyard stuff: I’ve finished nearly all of the on-the-ground research for my Worcester Co. graveyards project and need to begin the volumes of correspondence I’ll probably need to cover all the logistical details I’d like to include (mostly contacting local communities to dig up additional information on cemeteries, getting contact info for local cemetery commissions, etc.  Winter will likely slow down my outdoors work, but if I find some very tempting new site to check out, I’ll no doubt put on the boots and a warm coat…

As for the Lovecraft Country graveyards/cemetery research and writing, I’ve done all the requisite reading of the RPG material and hopefully most of the important fiction, and now need to begin fleshing out my outline.  I’d like to have a draft of something done by say February so that I might get it proof-read and polished up for my target completion date of March.  This is mainly so I can offer it up again to MRP as a second-annual Keith Herber tribute freebie.  I don’t know if they’re interested in doing that again (a la last year’s “Turner Codex” article) but what the heck.  It is good practice for the non-fiction book.

As for the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion, I don’t have much news but, as ever, remain hopeful of actually having something to report soon.  Adam has completed draft layouts for most of the chapters, the handouts appendix is mostly completed, two more maps are being worked on (thanks Steff!), and copyright free artwork unearthed (thank you Library of Congress digital archive!).  Now I wait for news from Adam.  It is tantalizingly close… but I’d rather be done.

Hmm…. I should probably figure out what my various project codes meant…