Playtesting, session two

Things went well… but what to make of that boot print?

Injuries: 1 shotgun blast

Death: 0 (only rolled a 9 on 4d6)

Sanity Lost: 2 points (for exposure to gunfight and dead body)

Playtesting, session one

Since “Fury of Yig” is still in development, I don’t want to say too much about the details of the session, but feel I should at least note a couple things- We have three investigators- a crime-lab tech, a reporter, and a dilettante (who made his money off a bogus smoking cure). The players dove into the investigation and using a mix of their skills (which nicely overlap, oddly enough) made good progress.

Deaths: 0

Injuries: 0

Sanity lost: 0

(I suspect some of this stuff will change in the next time we play.)