New item for Delta Green website: Unlabled VHS cassette

I’ve posted another fragment from my files to the Delta Green websiteUnlabeled VHS Cassette. It is something I wrote up several years back for a rather unorthodox… or perhaps VERY orthodox? …Mythos opposition group. The tape was one of their piece of evidence pointing towards the reality of the Mythos, as well as a trap given to them by an enemy. I may some day complete my write-up for that group (and perhaps submit it to the Unspeakable Oath… hey, where are the new issues, guys?) but for now, enjoy a nasty piece of black plastic and black magic. Also, for obvious reasons, here is a video:



Potpouri for $200, Alex

A few more odds and ends today.

  • No news on theMasks of Nyarlathotep Companion; still awaiting word from our last proof-readers.
  • Confidential to whomever sent me a copy of Cards Against Humanity… thanks?
  • Cartoonist, essayist, malcontent, voluptuary, and Lovecraft enthusiast Tim Kreider has a new book out – We Learn Nothing.  Buy it so that he is not forced to eat his cat.  Site may offend with words and images, but hopefully not more than your mind being battered by your true cosmic insignificance in the face of an uncaring universe.  (AKA look out- Politics! Boobs!)

More housekeeping, the Companion, Christoforo, graves, etc.

Bits and pieces of small news that, when gathered together, merit a post I suppose.

  • Second time was the charm for Christoforo, it would seem, as Mr. Phinney was able to raise over $10,000, well over his goal. I look forward to getting my copy when the font is ready.
  • Meanwhile I am still awaiting the last of our proof-reading for the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion. I’ve had a pair of drop-outs to the effort (drop outs for good cause, of course) and their work has been taken up by others. Hopefully we’ll have the last sections at hand soon and, once their carefully read corrections have been applied, we can finally release the Beast.
  • I’ve made some updates to my page about New England graveyards; I’ve expanded my notes about resources as well as visited a few new sites, including the hard to find Elliot Hill Burying Ground, and a supposedly haunted cemetery in Leicester, MA. Elliot Hill wasn’t all that exciting, though there were two stones from William Young. At the later location the most dangerous thing I spotted was a tick. Wooooooo! (Please people, can we not let the gossip of inebriated teens be the basis for our ghost stories? Only an idiot, or someone drunk on aftershave and root beer schnapps, would imagine a Quaker Cemetery is a secret gate to hell).

  • I’ve made a few interesting finds at the bookstore, used and otherwise. Titles include Roadside Geology of Massachusetts, New England’s Visitor’s from Space, and a 1919 High School yearbook. If I have some time I’ll post a few listing from the students’ entries naming their favorite drinks… sulfur and molasses, anyone?

‘Tomes in Progress’ progress

I’ve made a two small additions to the blog that might be of interest to my reader(s):

  • Added a page about my historical research hobby New England graveyards, those in Worcester County, Massachusetts in particular.  there is a map and and a few links (to be improved upon).
  • Added a page about another hobby – Lovecraft Country, that is, the sandbox campaign setting for the Call of Cthulhu RPG.  I’ve added a link to my semi-comprehensive list of Lovecraft Country scenarios and will add more in the future.
  • Lastly, I’m still happy to answer questions about the MoN Companion.  If you have any points of inquiry, let drop me a line.