Podcast mania

I’ve been busy with a variety of matters, from working on the Arkham Gazette, to finishing up some other gaming writing, and (most often) familial business.  Most recently the homunculus has been down with a bug (of the microscopic variety; no Shans thankfully).  And so, ToP has been on a bit of hiatus, especially as I’d like to wrap up my comments about NecronomiCon and have been putting off posting until I get that done.  Anyone who can institute a 25 hour day is welcome to try.

Since I don’t want to have to post a gargantuan catch-up post, I thought I might break down the various news items since my last post by topic.  Today, let’s look at podcasts…

The gang at the Miskatonic University Podcast have released two episodes-

#38: Con-Madness (a recap of their experience at GenCon and NecronomiCon, including some overgenerous praise of my historical research)

#39: San(ity) Restoring Sea-Voyages (focusing on ‘down-time’ in longer campaigns)

YSDC’s Silver Lodge release a public show all about NecronomiCon as well.

The gleefully British trio the Good Friends of Jackson Elias have been busy as well, with new episodes about GenCon, the Mythos as Corruption, and Insanity.

I also have been listening to Ken and Robin Talk about Stuff and found episode #56 (“Oh, My Pancreas”) and its discussion of keeping up a regular writing schedule to be of particular use.

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